Been there all week

Said Robert Peston two minutes ago on nightsnewsight, he was talking about how the G20 leaders are working… Or not, he’s been with them all week and has seen nothing, absolutely nothing that suggest any innovation, difference or creativity in their relationships, actions and process.

Now then… What are they doing?

Thinking about all the data, curves, fiscal analysis tools and so on and so on – those “tools and techniques” which did nothing to keep us out of this pending disaster. Talking abstracts, about, “what Greece could do”, who is this Greece, eh?

And who is working, with the people, to get them doing and being, together, better.

Seems like no-one.

The economy is close to the edge. And there are no new loud and public ideas  coming through and no decent thinking about what to do.



  • Anne

    Maybe because those with the power have too much to lose, and so won’t make space for anything which might threaten the status quo, which has worked for them so well in the past … There’s a blindness to anything outside the existing systems, and an unwillingness to look at the very systems themselves – which are, after all, simply human constructs, and so could be replaced!

  • Maybe indeed! Yes there is and to see differently I think we need to try thinking differently and meeting differently. I’d like to see the G20 in small groups, with good facilitation, getting creative!!!
    Though as you so rightly point out Anne to do so would be to challenge the status quo, threaten the power basis of those who have and need it and so on and so forth.
    Thing is – if the cash stops flowing there will be change. I don’t believe it will be that well managed either…

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